Plan Now for a Trouble-Free Move


A trouble-free move begins with good packing. Alexander Moving Co. offers both packing and unpacking services. However, if you choose to do some or all of your packing, please click the button below for some tips to make your move easier and safer.

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All of your packing must be finished before the movers arrive.

All items must be packed in sturdy boxes and securely sealed.

Boxes with fragile items should be marked "Fragile - This Side Up."

Since you assume liability for all items you pack, you may want Alexander Moving Co. professionals to pack and unpack your delicate items, i.e. china, crystal, antiques.

Begin packing several weeks in advance, and discard, sell or donate items you don't use or want. Use proper packing materials. Alexander Moving Co. has everything you need to pack your household. Boxes, tape, white newsprint and more are all available for purchase.

Pack like items together, with heavier items on the bottom. Use plenty of crushed paper both on the bottom and the top for cushioning each carton.

All boxes should be marked with your name and the room in the house where the box should be delivered. It is also a good idea to have a notebook and inventory what has been packed in each carton, so when it's time for you to unpack, you can readily access items needed in a rush.

Because of the possible hazard they present, do not pack the following items, neither for storage or transport:
A. Flammable products or products that could leak (paint, turpentine, gasoline in containers or equipment, bleach, ammunition, matches, cleaning solutions, perfumes or food).
B. Aerosol cans (hair sprays, insecticides, cleaning solutions, etc.).

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